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Rob Sudakow path into the hospitality industry was an unexpected one.  Graduating  from the University of Rochester with Degrees in Molecular Genetics and  Comparative religions minoring in archeology.  With two papers  published in the journal of Pharmacology prior to graduating i shifted  focus to archeological field work in the Israel and Jordan.  With 9/11  shutting down much of the funding for my work I returned to the states  and landed a front desk job at a small hotel which quickly accelerated  into executive roles.  

With more than 15 years of Revenue Management experience I have evolved  into a  Strategic Executive with a highly developed and diverse  background in Revenue Management, eCommerce, Sales, Distribution, and  Digital Marketing. Experienced across multiple markets and property  types including Luxury Resort, Urban, Corporate, Boutique, and  Conference Center. A Proven ability to increase market share through  savvy technological understanding, trend analysis, training, mentor ship  and fostering a solid Revenue Generating Culture among leaders and peers  at all levels while driving ADR, RevPAR, and EBITDA.

During my tenure as a Corporate Executive and Consultant I managed  several property transitions and resort openings and hired and  on-boarded countless Revenue Directors. I have also served as the HSMAI  Northern California Chapter Board Fundraising Chair followed by  President. My passion lies in being able to make a personal impact on  both productivity and people.

Specialties: Providing strategic insight (deep dive) into processes and  strategy with a focus on solutions and results, developing and  implementing distribution, marketing and eCommerce strategies, new  property transitions and acquisitions, PMS/CRS system conversion,  training & development, and building successful teams from the  ground up. Rob Sudakow

Rob Sudakow

Rob Sudakow

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